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Real Hip Hera w/ Two Way Massager

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"Hera Hip - REAL" - a clean and neatly designed small-hip masturbator. Each orifice offers a unique design and sensation. Vaginal and anal openings.

Comes with massage system. It gives a massage effect by rotating and vibrating at the same time.

User can select freely the rotation direction of stimulus tentacle.

With a dedicated remote control, you can adjust the rotation direction of the two motors either tightening or lossening, rather than simply shaking. The performance of tentacles is maximized by customizing them to the most appropriate length and shape.

The highly detailed and realistic vagina and anus offer a high attention to detail. Hera Hip offers a  quality that is not possible from the any other small hips. The clean exterior is fresh, soft and hightly realistic.

Material- TPR, phthalate free

Size -  26cm long, x 20cm wide x 13cm high

Colour -  Flesh

Weight - 5kg

VAGINA The labia of the vagina design is beautiful and realistic. The comb crease of vagina brings you strong tightening and feelings of real insertion. The design offers greater satisfaction from deep inside with thick G-Spot. Deep crease line in row to enable deeper insertion.

ANAL The strong tightening from the insertion gives compression and adsorption sensation effectively to your penis. The most effective and commonly used male masturbators for anal among internal stimulus structures, coupled with the V-shape groove and multi-compression.