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Buying your first sex toy is a rite of passage for any woman or man who wants to take self pleasure to a whole new level. But let's face it- knowing what you should buy is tough. Walk into any sex store and you will likely see an entire wall displaying the different types of dildos to choose from. Go online and it only becomes even more overwhelming, with thousands of different brands and designs promising to tickle your fancy. Knowing what you want is the only way to ensure you make the right decision, so here are the things...

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Many couples go through the painful experience of lacking a carnal lust for one another. At some stage of the relationship, the standard foreplay onto quick head and missionary doesn't carry the same weight as it once did. Things get dull, boring, the sex becomes lifeless. Whilst Australians are a generally culturally prudish bunch, this doesn't mean we cant give into the desire of prurience: Latin for "having an itching desire". This itching desire could be for toys, it could be for something more adventurous say, anal. Many couples find they have a desire to switch on the laptop and go to...

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A sexy soundtrack can spice up the seduction in the bedroom but if your not careful, it could turn things right round... for the worse! Check out our list of the top artists to avoid on your pound-town playlist.  MC Hammer  He really only has the one hit but it's a doozy when it comes to shaking in the sheets. 'U Can't Touch This' is so recognisable and so NOT sexy that, if it came came on in the bedroom, it might just have the power to friendzone you instantly! Don't risk it - keep your 'hammertime' to the dancefloor....

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With the world revolving around technology, why not take advantage of the digital revolution to enhance your bedroom 'playtime'? Intimacy is transforming and bringing your smartphone into the bedroom is just another way to jump on board the new trend and ride it all the way to O-town. To help you, we've put together a list of our favourite sexy apps to keep you trembling with temptation.  iKarmasutra Lite  This app delivers the wisdom of the worlds infamous sex guide right to you pocket. With sex positions and tips overflowing across nine different categories, you will never be at a...

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Since 1994 CalExotics has been at the forefront of the pleasure industry, designing and producing high quality sexual novelties for men, women and couples. Sexy Secrets Shop is proud to announce a saucy new partnership we thought we would we would give you a little rundown on the company and their products.  A Californian thing It's hardly exaggerated when people say that California is one of the world's sensual hotspots, with a raft of high-tech toy companies being based there and a majority of the world's adult film distribution coming from the state, so it can hardly come as a surprise...

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