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Cocksling Air Pool Blue

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Our original COCKSLING but less lighter, less bulky a 3 ring open cock and ball sling that fits your bone.

COCKSLING AIR is a lighter, pared down version with less bulk but the same grippy bulge making ability. Its a cock ring and a ballstretcher and a shaft ring that adds squeeze for a bigger bulge. Slings wrap the base of the shaft and balls for 360 grip that doesnt pinch or dig.

COCKSLING AIR can be worn longer that cockrings so they are made to fit and feel right. Less bulk more fun!

Made of our amazing stretch strong Flextpr so much stretch it works for any size guy and it stretches 8X its size and snaps back for a perfect fit with the colours being shiny and lush.


  • Our original COCKSLING but less bulk, more air, more grip
  • COCKSLING AIR fits and feels amazing, it wraps ALL your junk
  • Made of super stretchy Flextpr to fit any size guy
  • Our new saturated colours for real lush colour pop
  • Phthalate free and no scent.
  • Lue safe
  • Water-based lube, hybrid or silicone lube recommended.
  • Oilbase lubes not recommended.