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Brutus Alpha Chastity Cage Clear

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The Brutus Alpha Cock Cage is a male chastity cage made of durable polycarbonate. It can be perfectly adjusted to your personal size and is therefore very suitable for long term wear. The key holder decides do you dare to hand over the key?

The cock ring has a butch metal handcuff hinged construction. This allows you to make the ring bigger or smaller, depending on how big the wearer is created. The second adjustment option is the distance between the ring and the cage, which you can determine by adding or removing a number of spacers supplied. Thanks to both adjustment options, this cage can always be perfectly adapted to the person.

Make sure the cage is tight enough so that the cock remains inaccessible, but not too narrow to cause circulation problems. The cage is 75 mm long with a diameter of 35 mm and is hygienic and easy to keep clean thanks to the ventilation slots. With the five plastic disposable locks supplied, the wearer can even pass through metal detectors at the airport without any problems.